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  • JA-3 Shear Relief Valve Threaded Connection
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    JA-3 Shear Relief Valve Threaded Connection

    JA-3 shear relief valve threaded connection
  • JA-3 Shear Relief Valve Flange Connection
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    JA-3 Shear Relief Valve Flange Connection

    JA-3 shear relief valve flange connection
  • Clamp Assembly
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    Clamp Assembly

    Clamp assembly is power and fluid end line, used to connect to the powers intermediate tie rod end system and fluid system of the piston rod.
  • KB-45/KB-75 Pulsation Dampener
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    KB-45/KB-75 Pulsation Dampener

    Pulsation Damper also called discharge air bag,it is installed in the discharge line of a fluid end, and played a role to ensure good steady pressure and pressure compensation .
  • Valve Guide(up And Down)
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    Valve Guide(up And Down)

    Mud pump valve guide consists of upper and lower two parts. we can provide mud pump guide for various kinds of specification slurry pumps in a F serial and 3NB serial.
  • Wearing Plate
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    Wearing Plate

    Wear plate is one of the main parts of mud pump hydraulic system. It casts by 35CrMo. The urface of wear plate is nickel plated, so it is high hardness and with good corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance.
  • Air Bag Capsules
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    Air Bag Capsules

    Air bag capsules Reduce the drilling pump pressure fluctuations of instantaneous displacement change.
  • Valve Assembly
  • Suction Air Chamber
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    Suction Air Chamber

    Air chamber play an important role in drilling to reduce the fluctuations and stable pressure ,so in drilling production, maintaining the normal operation of the air bag is very important .
  • Crank Shaft Connecting Rod
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    Crank Shaft Connecting Rod

    Crankshaft is made of casted alloy steel. Eccentric ring gear, connection rod and bearing are mounted on it.
  • Hollow Crank Shaft
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    Hollow Crank Shaft

    Hollow Crank Shaft used ZG40MnB precision casting. The material in the enhanced treatment has excellent mechanical properties, high strength and toughness, high fatigue resistance, improve the service life of the crankshaft.
  • Crosshead
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    Crosshead is the significant parts of the power end system for drilling mud pump, the pump transmit power to the fluid end system through the cross head assembly. Crosshead is made of the ductile iron by casting process.