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KB 45 KB 75 Pulsation Dampener factory

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  • Piston Rod
    Contact NowPiston RodPiston rod is known as piston extesion rod, is the main parts that connect drilling mud pump power end and fluid end.
  • Ceramic Liner
    Contact NowCeramic LinerCeramic Liners are made from zirconium and oxygen, which is stabilized in the cubic crystal structure and avoids cracking and mechanical weakening during heating/cooling for long life.
  • Fluid End Module
    Contact NowFluid End ModuleHydraulic cylinder is also called the valve box or module, it is a major part to the fluid end parst. Blank forged by high-strength alloy steel. After heat treated, with multi-channel processes. The three cylinders of each pump is interchangeable.
  • Bi-mental Cylinder Liner
    Contact NowBi-mental Cylinder LinerBi-mental cylinder liner
  • KB-45/KB-75 Pulsation Dampener
    Contact NowKB-45/KB-75 Pulsation DampenerPulsation Damper also called discharge air bag,it is installed in the discharge line of a fluid end, and played a role to ensure good steady pressure and pressure compensation .