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China Crosshead Guide

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  • Crosshead Pin
    Contact NowCrosshead PinThe crosshead pin is made from 45# steel. It is the component between connecting rod and crosshead. Our company strictly follows the taper requirements of the encircle according to the precision machining.
  • Valve Guide(up And Down)
    Contact NowValve Guide(up And Down)Mud pump valve guide consists of upper and lower two parts. we can provide mud pump guide for various kinds of specification slurry pumps in a F serial and 3NB serial.
  • Crosshead Pin baffle
    Contact NowCrosshead Pin baffleThe cross head pin baffle is installed at the side surface of the cross head to fasten the cross head.
  • Crosshead
    Contact NowCrossheadCrosshead is the significant parts of the power end system for drilling mud pump, the pump transmit power to the fluid end system through the cross head assembly. Crosshead is made of the ductile iron by casting process.
  • Crosshead Guide(up And Down)
    Contact NowCrosshead Guide(up And Down)Crosshead guide(up and down)