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Down Hole Tools

        1. Changeable sleeve stabilizer

Changeable sleeve stabilizer has the functions whole screw stabilizer. It can be suitable for the well with different diameters by changing different bearing sleeve, and also be extended the using life by replacing the same kind bearing sleeve.

2. Junk Basket

Reverse Circulation Junk Basket is used to retrieve small-sized fishes, such as cone, cutter, handtool and junks from the hole. The drilling mud can produce reverse circulation locally at the bottom of a well; Therefore the fishing is easy. Moreover, it can be used as a special coring tool.

3. Float shoe or float coupling

Float shoe or float coupling is name of casing guide shoe or coupling which can produce buoyancy. Owing to high-temperature resistance, best sealing, best drill ability, easy connecting, it can replace guide shoe or casing shoe. It's useful not only for unclassified technical casing and oil layer casing, but also for deep well, super deep well and special technical well.

4. Lifting sub

Lifting sub is made of high-strength alloy constructional steel and processed by heat treatment. Its mechanical properties can meet the requiremetn of the drill collar; The sub connections are up to API standard. According to the shape of the up shoulder, the structure includes sloping shoulder and straight shoulder, which can be selected by customs.

5. Downhole motor

It is a positive-displacement downhole drill motor driven by high-prdssure mud. The main features of the downhole motor are high torque, big horsepower and high drilling speed. It can be used of straight drilling, directional drilling, horizontal drilling, coring and reaming operations

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