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BOMCO F800/F1000/F1300/1600 /F1600HL/F2200HL Mud Pump Spare Parts

        FluValve Spring GH3161-05.10
Valve Cover Seal GH3161-05.12
Cylinder Cover Seal GH3161-05.08
Liner Seal GH3161-05.14
Double-lip Oil Seal GH3161-04.07
Oil Seal GH3161-03.11
Piston Assembly, Relief Valve GH3161-28.03.00
Shear Pin, Relief Valve GH3161-28.11
V Belt 4ZV25J-8500 4ZV25J-8500 GB/T 135752.2
Piston Rod GH3161-05.18
Valve Guide(upper) GH3161-05.27
Clamp Assembly GH3161-05.22.00
Piston 150 GH3161-

Valve Body, Relief Valve GH3161-28.04
Complete Valve Assembly GH3161-05.11.00
Piston 160 GH3161-
Stuffing Box GH3161-04.05
O Ring 160 X7 GB/T3452.1-1992
O Ring 125 X7 GB/T3452.1-1992
Piston Rod, Relief Valve GH3161-28.05
YK-150 Pressure Gauge(60Mpa) YK-150
32SB180J Spray Pump(with motor) 32SB180J
Mechanical Seal Parts, Spray Pump 32SB180J0009
Pressure Gauge Y-60Z(14X1, 5 0-1, 6 MPa) Y-60Z
Liner Seal, 3NB-1600HL GH3161-24.02.00

Filter Assembly GH3161-24.02.00
Valve Guide(lower) GH3161-05.05.00
Liner 170 GH3161-05.21
Liner 150 GH3161-
Piston 170 Piston 170
Liner 160, 3NB-1600HL Liner 160, 3NB-1600HL
Liner 140, 3NB-2200HL Liner 140, 3NB-2200HL
Piston 140, 3NB-1600HL Piston 140, 3NB-1600HLid End Accessories
AH36001-05.01A. 00 Module, fluid end assembly
AH36001-05.02 Cylinder head flange
AH36001-05.03 Cylinder head
AH36001-05A. 04.00 spile assembly
AH36001-05A. 05.00 Valve guide lower
AH36001-05A. 06.00 plug, cylinder
AH36001-05A. 07 alignment ring
AH36001-05.08 seal, cylinder head
AH36001-05.09 Discharge manifold
AH33001-05.16A Valve, spring
GB3452.1-82 O-RING
AH36001-05.12A. 00 Valve assembly
AH36001-05.13 Sear, valve cover
AH36001-05.14A valve cover
AH36001-05.15 seal, liner
AH36001-05.16A wear plate
AH36001-05.17 flange, liner
AH36001-05.18.00 lock, liner
AH36001-05.19A piston Rod
AH36001-05.20A. 00 spraying pump assambly
GB3452.1-82 O-RING
AH36001-05.22 liner lock ring
GB5782-86 Bolt
AH36001-05.32A. 00 suction manifold
AH36001-05...33A. 00 gasket unit
AH33001-05.12 upper valve guid
T53-1003 Stud with two ends M39× 270
T57-2011 NutsM39× 8
AH33001-05.14 Retainer
AH33001-05.15A bolt M10× 20
AH33001-05.20A Seal, Piston
T57-3005.0 Nuts, piston rod
GB3452.1-82 O-RING
AH33001-05.35A. 00 Suction air bladder
GB3452.1-82 o-ring
AH33001-05.39 suction flange
AH33001-05.40 suction flange
AH36001-05.23A. 03 liner 160mm
AH36001-05.23A. 04 liner 170mm
AH36001-05.28.03 piston 160mm
AH36001-05.28.04 piston 170mm

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