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Oilfield Brake Block For Mud Pump

Oilfield Brake Block For Mud Pump

Oilfield brake block for mud pump

Product Details

Shaanxi Rongle Petroleum Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the best China oilfield brake block for mud pump manufacturers and suppliers, and also a professional company and factory, welcome to import quality oilfield brake block for mud pump, brake block products from us.

PS hydraulic controlled disc brake unit and parts                       

    1.PSZ65, PSZ75 BPM controlled disc brake unit

    2.BK65, BK75 Boke controlled disc brake unit

    3.PS4, PS50, PS70, PS80, PS90, PS120 BOMCO controlled disc brake unit

    4.PSK50, PSK70, PSK80 PSK controlled disc brake unit

(parts: Actuating mechanism--Friction disc, Service calipers, Emergency calipers , Service Caliper Cylinder, Emergency Caliper Cylinder, Brake pad , Spring , Disc spring, cylinder repair kits; The operating mechanism--Service brake valve assembly, Brake handle, Brake valve, Parking brake valve etc.; Hydraulic station--Constant pressure plunger pump group, The filter, Constant pressure plunger pump, Quick Connector, Hydraulic reserving valve, Pneumatic reserving valve, The accumulator etc).

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