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Thread Type Casing Head Housing

Thread Type Casing Head Housing

1. casing head specificationWork pressure:2000-15000psiMaterial class: AA BB CC DD EE FF HHTemperature class: -46°C~121°C(L U class)Performance class:PR1,PR2Production class: PSL1~4,Work medium: petro

Product Details

1. casing head specification
Work pressure:2000-15000psi

Material class: AA BB CC DD EE FF HH

Temperature class: -46°C~121°C(L U class)

Performance class:PR1,PR2

Production class: PSL1~4,

Work medium: petroleum, gas, mud,

2. Type:
Thread type casing head housing: bottom connection is API casing thread including long round, short round and buttress thread. Ground casing is 7”~20”.

Weld type casing head housing: there are two weld joints(up&down) in bottom for welding the casing. There are pressure-test ports to make water pressure test for the weld joints. Ground casing is 13 3/8”,20”.

Slip type casing head housing: it can be installed easily on the fields. Its direction can be adjusted. It has double seals to connect the casing, and has pressure test ports.

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