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Slip Type Casing Head Housing

Slip Type Casing Head Housing

SpecificationsSlip Type Casing Head Housing 1.Material Classes: AA ~ FF 2.End connectors: flange, union 3.Outlet connectors:Slip Type Casing Head Housing Slip type casing head eliminates post heating,

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Slip Type Casing Head Housing 
1.Material Classes: AA ~ FF 
2.End connectors: flange, union 
3.Outlet connectors:

Slip Type Casing Head Housing

Slip type casing head eliminates post heating, save time and quick to install. It can be moved from well to well when exploratory drilling, eliminating extra transportation and repair charges associated with conventional welded heads. Installation is simple.


  • Medium: oil, gas and sour gas

  • Working Pressure: 2,000psi ~ 10,000psi

  • Bore Size: 11” thru 21-1/4”

  • Temperature: - 60°C to 121°C (K,U)

  • Material Classes: AA ~ FF

  • Product Specification Level: PSL1 ~ PSL4

  • Performance Requirement: PR1, PR2

  • End connectors: flange, union

  • Outlet connectors:

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