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RD Safety Circulating Valve

RD Safety Circulating Valve

RD safety circulating valve

Product Details

Shaanxi Rongle Petroleum Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the best China rd safety circulating valve manufacturers and suppliers, and also a professional company and factory, welcome to import quality rd safety circulating valve products from us.

     RD downhole shut-in valve is a kind of disposable and full bore shut-in valve and is used for cased well to operate by annulus pressure. In the downhole operation, the valve will not be able to turn on again after being off. 
     Downhole shut-in valve is composed of ball valve part and dynamic part.
     Ball valve part is composed of upper joint, ball valve assembly, tee nipple, ball-joint, operation pin, connection nipple, connection claw and ball valve urceolus. 
     Dynamic part is composed of sealing spindle, urceolus, lower joint and rupture disk.
     When you need to manipulate the test valve, please make the rupture disk ruptured through the annulus pressure, cut shear pin, push sealing spindle up run through annulus pressure. Sealing spindle pushes connection claw and operation pin move upward to make ball valve shut in.


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