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We shaanxi RONGLE petroleum machinery co.,ltd. is located in Baoji City,Shaanxi province China,baoji is a most famous heavy industrial city for the oilfield equipment and manufacturing in the wide-world.Rongle by the famous company BOMCO grown up.at presents rongle is a professional manufacturer and exporter which in specializzed the drilling equipment's research and development,fabrication,manufacturing the spare parts of it,technical service and so on.the products be included the well equipments and downholes equipments:


1:Pneumatic type:clutch/push type clutch(LT series,AVB series,CB series,ATD series,WPT series,Eaton auxiliary brake WCB series and so on.
2:Spare parts of mud pump for the oilfield equipment:
    A:BOMCO series:(Honghua HHF,Rongshen RSF,Erji RGF,Rongli RLF and so on):500HP/800HP//1000HP/1300HP/1600HP/1600L/1600HL/2200HL
    B:LS 3NB Series and F series:3NB1000C/3NB1300C/3NB1600/F1600
    C:QZ series::QZ3NB500、QZ3NB800、QZ3NB1000、QZ3NB1300A、QZ3NB1600
    D:3NB national well P series:8P50/9P100/10P130/12P160/14P220  Power end:Crankshaft,Connection rod,Big gear ring,Small gear shaft,crosshead,Crosshead pin,Extension rod,upper and lower crosshead guide,stuffing box,seal gasket,bearing.Hydraulic end:Discharge pulsation dampener,Discharge manifold,5-way discharge elbow,elbow,Discharge Strainer Assy,Module,liner,Piston,valve Assembly,Piston rod,Valve cover
Cylinder head,Liner flange,Liner gland,seal gasket ring and so on.Other spare parts::suction capsule,pulsation dampener capsule,Compressor gage,JA-3 shear relief valve,2s gear oil pump,32L spray pump.
3:Spare parts of Electricity driver type drawworks and machinery type drawworks,spre parts of PS hydraulic disc brake(Beishi suo,Boke,pushike,baoye and so on)
4:Drill machine,repair drill machine,spare parts of jumbo machine,friction,cardan shaft,spare parts of pneumatic hydraulic component
5:The professional instrument for oilfield equipment(bearing,chain,untie the group narrow V belt,oil seal,strainer core,Rexroth pneumatic hydraulic component,piston plunger pump and so on.
6:Testing tools for under well(testing valve,sample collector,recycle valve,packer and so on).


Rongle always control the quality under API,ISO9001:2008.CNPC and relative products's industry standard.

Principle management of factory:Technology is base.management is power.

Principle marketing of factory:Respect technology,strict management,continue to improve the quality.

Principle life of factory:keeping law and reputation.100%satisfy for client.

Principle quality and culture of factory:quality is first and excellent one is soon,extension the future market.